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    Fake Cop - stop your vehicle, bend over and spread your legs because long cock of the law is about to penetrate you! This is another classic from the network. This time we act as bad-ass cops doing their thing - checking if girls we catch are good in obeying our orders. Be it cock sucking or simply fucking, they have no choice, after all they want to be good citizens. Watch the adventures of Fake Cop officer and see what being in uniform really means!

    Public Agent - do you want to become famous? This is our agent's saying when he meets all these hot European girls. You know women love attention and if you are a smooth talker like our fake agent is then you will get laid every single day. Watch as he uses both his charm and cold hard cash to get girls suck his cock in public places. This is what makes this series special... The thrill of getting caught and natural beauties you see every day on the streets!

    Female Agent - girls pulling off their very own kind of agency. Watch what kind of castings our female fake agents are capable of doing. It doesn't matter if their clients are males or females. Either way, the agent has to get laid. The trick is to offer these people unimaginable amount of money they could earn being a model and they are ready to do whatever the agent says... and it's always the very same thing - sex!

    Fake Hospital - what seems to be the issue? Our doctor is simply brilliant in diagnosis and all female patients are very happy to deal with him. Sometime the doctory is busy and nurses have to take care of male patients and you can only imagine what kind of treatment they provide. All your hospital sex fantasies are about to become true with this series. No matter what the issue is you are going to get cured!

    Fake Agent UK - want to get famous on UK's soil? You need to meet this agent. His professional approach on castings will surely help you improve your skills. Fucking skills, because this is what you are going to get. Forget his offers, exotic locations and the fame, you are getting none babe. Amount of British girls wanting to become stars is totally crazy and this agency is all about agent getting laid!

    Fake Agent - this is an instant classic in the fake-themed bunch of websites. Our agent is fake, but girls don't know it... or maybe deep inside them they do, but they don't mind getting fucked on camera in order to become famous. How crazy is that? Well, take a look and tell us. They are both beautiful and very naive when it comes to promising them dream modelling jobs! One thing is for sure, we our fake agent delivers. It might not what these girls wanted but well...